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How to Join LCPAAA

The first step in joining our group is graduation from the Lewisville Citizen Police Academy (LCPA). You sign up, then wait to be accepted. After acceptance, you'll attend the one day a week 14-week course.

After graduation from the LCPA, you are given the opportunity to join the Lewisville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (LCPAAA).

If you choose to join, your level of participation is up to you. You can help with the operation and support of the LCPAAA or go a level farther and join the Citizens On Patrol (COP).  You may find areas that interest you more than others. You do not have to participate in all the services we provide.


Citizen On Patrol supports the Lewisville Police in many ways, from patrolling the city as extra eyes and ears of the police department.  Here you will receive basic training on the services we do for the PD, then a patrol trainer will help you receive the additional training you need to perform these services.

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Lewisville Citizen Police Academy,

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What is the Citizen Police Academy?

The Citizen Police Academy is designed to give citizens a better understanding of what police officers do everyday. The popular program provides insight into the philosophy, internal values, and operations of the department. The academy’s slogan, “Understanding Through Education” expresses its ultimate goal: to improve the relationship and rapport between citizens and the Lewisville Police.

The program also gives citizens the opportunity to interact with officers, ask questions, and express any concerns they might have. This two-way communication has proven to be an effective, successful way to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Citizen Police Academy.

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